Solar Energy Battery Storage Systems

Grid Storage Systems

A unique and reliable system to store your solar energy for later use.
The Grid Storage system monitors your electricity supply and stores surplus solar energy that would otherwise be exported, ready for use overnight. This means that rather than giving electricity away during the day and then buying it back later you can enjoy the benefit of using your surplus energy free of charge that evening. The system will also provide stored power during a power cut, keeping some essential appliances running.

Normal Solar PV System Without the Grid Storage solution

During the day surplus energy is fed back to the grid and at night you have to purchase the energy back.battery storage system for solar electricity

Normal Solar PV System with Grid Storage installed

With the Grid Storage solution you store the surplus energy during the day and use it when required in the evening.

battery storage system for solar PV electricity

The Grid Storage is perfect for those who already have solar power installed, and it can also be incorporated into new solar installations for homes and businesses.

The system is available in three formats depending on requirements and is easy to install and maintain.


OFF-Grid Storage Systems