Industrial Materials

Cymru Solar is a worldwide supplier of numerous industrial materials, each critical to the production of a variety of products. From production and sourcing, to handling and logistics, to technical support, Cymru Solar plays an important role in the manufacture of such critical materials as aluminum, steel, glass, wallboard and cement.

Cymru Solar believes that primary industrial materials provide the backbone of economic growth worldwide. Everything from housing and construction to transportation and agriculture relies on industrial materials made available by Cymru Solar's contributions.

Green Petroleum Coke

Green Petroleum Coke -environmental and alternative energy source.

Petroleum coke is produced as a bi-product in the refinement process of crude oil.

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Calcined Petroleum Coke

 Calcined Petroleum Coke is a vital ingredient in the production of aluminum.

It is a high Carbon substance derived during the calcination process of Green Coke.

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Our Product Knowledge

Industry wide Energy & Raw Materials' market knowledge, and our excellent worldwide relationship with refineries and logistics providers, offer our customers sure and reliable energy and raw material solutions for all requirements, even during times of volatile markets and tight deadlines..

We offer customers our accumulated experience in energy solutions, research technology, and sourcing a wide variety of  raw materials for your project.

Cymru Solar's products are sustainably sourced  from all corners of the Globe and shipped anywhere to meet our clients' requirements.

Solar Photovoltaic

Solar panels, which are also known as solar photovoltaics or 'PV', capture the sun's energy. This energy can then be used to run household appliances and lighting...

Solar Battery Storage

Cymru Solar now has a range of Battery Storage options available from top manufacturers, including: Tesla, Solar Edge, SMA, Growatt, LG....

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