Solar Panels Cardiff

Solar Panels Cardiff

Solar panels Cardiff from Cymru Solar a leading designer, supplier and  installer of photovoltaic solar panels in Cardiff throughout Wales.We are offerng honest advice and support your projects, maintenance and repair  of solar energy systems for maximum the return of investment and reliability. Contact us on 0800 023 8977 .

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Solar Panels Cardiff from Cymru Solar

We are a local company and we supply and install solar pv systems throughout Wales.If you have been thinking about having a Solar system installed, contact us for a Free No Obligation Survey.

All of our products come with up to a 30 year warranty, we also offer a 10 year insurance backed workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

  • We always put our customer's needs first!
  • We do not compromise on quality.
  • We are the best supplier for our customers
  • We are our customer's 1st choice for solar pv systems.
  • We do not pressure our customers just to make a sale.

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modelsFeed in Tariff

Make Money from Solar!

Earn money for generating your own electricity from solar photovoltaic systems in Cardiff. Solar Energy Government Feed in Tariff to end on the 31st March 2019. fi

Solar Panels Installed in Cardiff 2015

 Commercial Solar Power

commercial solar -s

11 kW photovoltaic solar panels in Cardiff

  40 x 275W Suntech solar



Flat roof solar mounting system

Flat roof solar pv mount-Cardiff 2015
kW photovoltaic solar panels in Cardiff

    14 x 285W LG solar panels