Solar Panels USK

Solar Panels Usk

Solar panels Usk from Cymru Solar, leading designer, supplier and  installer of photovoltaic solar panels in Usk throughout Wales.

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Last Chance to Claim the Solar Panel Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) !

solar panel installations in UskDECC planned cuts to solar panel installations (FIT) from Jan 2016!

Don't miss your last chance to claim the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) due to drop by 86% in Jan 2016, install solar panels now to secure the FIT before time runs out!

The Feed-in-Tariff is the biggest contributor to your solar pv investment, based on the electricity you generate, payments are guaranteed for next 20 years!

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Which solar pv system is best for me?

  • Solar system cost
  • Solar systems payback
  • Solar panel efficiency

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More Energy, Greater Savings

We understand that when your solar power system delivers more energy, you can realize greater total savings on your electricity bills… day one, month one, and for decades to come.

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Solar Panels

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Solar Panels by trusted manufacturers

After thorough review, we have selected solar panels from top manufacturers for system performance, quality, track record, field history and lowest cost.

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Feed in Tariff

EPC-WALESMake Money from Solar

Earn money for generating your own electricity from renewable sources through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff.

Find out how much money you can earn from installing solar.

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Solar PV Warranties

warranty-solar_systemsCymru Solar Warranties

  •  Installation warranty
  • Solar panel warranties
  • Inverter warranties

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Solar Panels Usk from Cymru Solar

Cymru Solar can provide you with an accurate estimate based upon your specific property requirements free of charge. To find out how we can help you or to arrange a FREE no obligation solar pv survey and to see how much money you could save.

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