Solar Panels

At Cymru Solar we only supply and install the highest efficiency solar panels with the best warranties of up to 30 years,  a range of our panels include Solarworld, LG MonoX ,Canadian Solar, Hyundai and Panasonic all monocrystalline solar panels which have the highest efficiency.


LG always stands by its products with sterling warranty policies. The linear performance warranty guarantees at least 80.2% power output by the end of the 25th year.With over 20 years of experience with intensive research and development in solar technologies this allows LG Electronics to provide consistently high quality modules. Their ability to produce cells in-house results in top quality, durable and highly efficient modules that meet all European standards.

Yingli Solar

Yingli Solar is the world's largest solar panel manufacturer and a global solar energy industry leader. Sponsors of the 2014 World cup, Yingli Solar provide local customer service backed by global production capabilities and experience. The vertically integrated company produces modules with a proven track record of high annual energy production. With more than 20 offices in countries around the world, Yingli Solar provides local customer service backed by global production capabilities and experience.

Over 30 million Yingli Solar panels (representing over nine gigawatts) are operating in more than 40 countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, South Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and the United States. Their mission: to provide affordable green energy for all.


Solar World

SolarWorld solar panels are made in the USA and Germany to the highest standards. They have 3,300 employees and are one of the world's largest solar energy businesses.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar's PV modules can be used for on-grid or off-grid solar applications. Our meticulous design and production techniques ensure a high-yield, long-term performance for every module produced. Our rigorous quality control and in-house testing facilities guarantee Canadian Solar's modules meet the highest quality standards possible.

In order to maximise their potential, photovoltaic systems require competent planning and high quality components. The quality of the components is particularly important because the profitability of the system is dependent on a number of factors: such as, individual durability, the rate of electrical yield, and the overall operating life of the system as a whole. For this reason, it is vital that the right choice of component is made.


The Sun Solar Photovoltaic Panel is manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards and has guarantees to match.


If you are unsure you should always check with your local planning authority for complete peace of mind. Contact us now for further information on 0800 023 8977

New Seraphim


For any given design a Maxim panel should perform better than a standard, or optimised module.

What is the Jinko MX?
Essentially it is a module with 3 integrated MAXIM chips (cell-string optimisers) that allow it generate to more electricity.

Smart Solar Panels

Perlight & Tigo

Features at a glance:

  • Compatible with any inverter
  • Module level monitoring
  • Install, configure, and manage the system using the Tigo app