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What is "Photovoltaic Technology"?

"Photovoltaic technology" is the term used to describe the hardware that converts solar energy into usable power, generating electricity from light.

At the heart of Solar photovoltaic (otherwise known as PV) technology is a semi-conductor material which can be adapted to release electrons, the negatively charged particles that form the basis of electricity. The most common semi-conductor material used in photovoltaic cells is silicon, an element most commonly found in sand. There is no limitation to its availability as a raw material; silicon is the second most abundant material in the earth's mass.

Solar Photovoltaic panels are made up or a series of cells. All these cells have two layers of semi-conductors, one positively charged and one negatively charged. When light shines on the semi-conductor, the electric field across the junction between these two layers causes electricity to flow, generating DC (direct current). The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity.

A Solar photovoltaic electricity system does not need bright sunlight in order to operate. It can also generate electricity on cloudy days. Due to the reflection of sunlight, days with slight cloud can even result in higher energy yields than days with a completely cloudless sky.

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At Cymru Solar we carry out solar power installations at your home or solar farm, also commercial solar power and Solar panels throughout Wales. Cymru Solar supply and fit solar panel systems to homes and businesses in Cardiff, Caerphilly, Newport and Swansea  throughout Wales.

Home solar and Commercial solar power systems using only the highest quality, highest efficiency solar panels and inverters.

Solar Photovoltaic

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