Suntech develops, manufactures, and delivers the world’s most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

Founded in 2001, they have supplied over 8 GWs photovoltaic panels to more than a thousand customers worldwide. They aim to reach grid parity through pioneering research and development and customer focused innovations.

Suntech  Monosilicon Module:

High module conversion efficiency
Module efficiency of 16.6% acheived through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.

Positive tolerance 
Positive tolerances of up to 5% deliver higher output reliability.

Special 4 busbar design 
The 4 busbars and unique design of solar cell leads to greater reduction in electrode resistance.

Suntech current sorting process 
System output is maximised by reducing mismatch losses up to 2% with modules sorted and packages by ampage.

Extended wind and snow load tests 
Module certified to withstand extreme wind loads (3800 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa).

PID Resistant 
Advanced cell technology and quality materials lead to high resistance to PID.

Key Features

Brand: Suntech
Power Class: 250W-270W
Cell Type: Monocrystalline
Module Efficency: 15.3%16.9%
Product Dimensions: 1640 x 992 x 35 mm