Solar Photovoltaic Installation Warranties

After Sales Support and Maintenance

Although Solar PV is reasonably ‘fit and forget’ technology, certain parts such as the inverter may need servicing or have to be replaced in the lifetime of the panels.

Cymru Solar provides optional servicing and/or maintenance contracts at additional cost.

Installation warranty

We guarantee our workmanship for 10 years from date of install This workmanship warranty will be transferable to the new legal owner of the property if it is sold during the warranty period.

Workmanship warranty insurance

As members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, we are required to have arrangements in place so that your workmanship warranty from us will still be honoured if we should we go out of business during the warranty period.

You will receive a policy from QANW which gives details of the workmanship warranty insurance.

Solar panels warranty

Your equipment is guaranteed by its manufacturer

  • Product guarantee: 10-25 years
  • 25 years minimum 80% power output.
  • 10 years minimum 90% power output.

Example:Panasonic N 285 Photovoltaic module HIT

Power output: 10 years (90% of Pmin), 25 years (80% of Pmin)
Product workmanship: 10 years

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Inverters warranty

Inverters are the single most expensive component to replace in your solar panel system. This is a component that should both be rated correctly to handle the calculated capacity and be of a high enough quality to compensate for the initial high cost.

A good quality inverter can last upwards of 15 years whereas a poor quality one will only last 5, with top manufacturers claiming over 20 years usable lifespan!

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