Commercial Solar Panels Installations Wales

Commercial solar power from Cymru Solar. If you have been looking into sources of solar energy for your business we can help you establish the most appropriate system for your house or business. We can work out what will be most cost effective, let you know if there are any grants or loans to help pay and survey your property to offer you the best options.

Cymru Solar provides a complete service for commercial solar systems from the start of a project, through to full system design and installation. We work with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to ensure they produce a system design to maximise your investment opportunity and system efficiency whilst meeting all statutory requirements.


Photovoltaic projects are already in the right hands long before the implementation phase. We look at your projects as a whole and offer advice on all relevant matters. Cymru Solar experts provide support with planning and design, engineering and project management as well as installation and commissioning.

Free Survey

We offer free consultancy and survey wherever you are in Wales-UK


We will design you a solar system turnkey solution that fits your needs.


Our technical team will install your system and make sure that it's up to task.

Benefits of Commercial Solar PV


Electricity bill saving using solar

  • Significantly reduce business overheads

  • Secure your future energy

  • Save money whilst protecting our planet

  • Protect your business from power shortages

  • Achieve a healthy ROI

  • Create a competitive advantage

Solar panels fit to your business

Our guide will take you from the small 4kW systems to 10kW systems, up to the large 25kW and 500kW systems. There are a number of different types of solar panels but the new polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules can absorb the most amount of energy in the shady conditions the UK is used to. These types of photovoltaic are also much smaller than their predecessors - all the better for your business.

Why consider a commercial solar installation?

Because you can benefit from inflation linked returns, save money on running costs as well as lower your carbon emissions.With Rising Energy costs businesses are constantly looking at ways to reduce their energy bills.

So why not utilize your roof space and give your business the benefit of solar power, lower your carbon emissions and save the planet! It makes sound sense to install a solar pv system for the present and the future.

The benefits in brief

Help the environment by investing in solar PV panels and using free clean energy.

Cymru  Solar calculates that solar power produces a return on investment of up to 25% per annum and pay back installation costs within approximately 5-years.

Solar pv installations for commercial customers throughout England and Wales

We carry out  solar pv installations for commercial customers throughout Wales. We can design and tailor an exact system based on your requirements and budget. The process starts with your enquiry and then a site survey is carried out by one of out team who will be able to answer any questions you might have and to check if your building is suitable, also we can check if there are any grants available , and even advise you on how to improve energy efficiency so that you can save money and help keep the environment clean.

We offer Photovoltaic systems for your business that are sized and matched to your specific power demand.

At Cymru Solar we only supply and install products that have been thoroughly checked to give the highest efficiency and durability for your peace of mind. All of the solar panels that we supply and install come with 30 years warranty and the inverters with a 20 year warranty. Our workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years so that you can rest assured we have everything covered. All of our engineers are fully qualified and certified and have many years of experience within the renewable sector, at Cymru Solar we will work with you from initial contact to completion of your project to offer the best options and solutions to save on energy costs for your business.

We design, supply and install a system specifically tailored to your needs.

Contact us now for FREE impartial advice and to discuss your requirements on  0800 023 8977

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