FREE Hot Water from Solar PV

Free hot water with your PV generated power!

Energy+ introduces the Power Reducer, the intelligent way to maximize the use of your PV generated power, designed to divert manually or automatically any surplus energy produced by your PV system to a heat store such as the immersion tank. Power Reducer can help you reducing your electricity bills by controlling the amount of energy drawn by the immersion tank and minimizing the imported energy from the grid.

power reducer 1


  • Store your excess generated PV energy as hot water in the immersion tank
  • Save money on your utility bills by importing less
  • Heat your hot water for FREE to use throughout the day
  • Simple to install: no particular expertise required
  • Designed to work automatically in the background
  • Strengthen the solar PV ROI: make use of surplus generated energy rather than exporting to the grid

power reducer 2

Key Features

  • Automatically diverts any surplus generated energy to immersion element without importing from the grid and automatically adjusts with household energy demand
  • Universal: completely independent from inverter and meters
  • Easy to setup: retrofit without any tampering to existing PV install, no adjustment or additional programming required
  • Easy to install: no particular expertise of plumbing skills necessary
  • 2 diagnostic LEDs to indicate system activity and boost function
  • Robust and elegant design
  • Fully compliant with CE norms and EMC regulations (fit for domestic & commercial install)

How it Works

The Power Reducer works by monitoring your PV export and when it sees that you are exporting your free energy it redirects it to your hot water tank or other heating source, ensuring that no additional power is ever imported to supply the hot water store. In this way the all available surplus energy is used by maximizing the self-consumption.

Example: with a resistive load of 1700 W and having surplus power available for 400 W, the Power Reducer heats the resistive load for 400 W without taken 1300 W from the grid that are necessary to activate it.

The diagram shows the Power Reducer that diverts the energy to the immersion tank: here it is managed by Elios4you, enabling complete control and visibility by a dedicated graphical interface, providing valuable reporting tools to aide in reaping the most out of your PV system.

power reducer 3

free hot water from solar pv with iboost

Solar iBoost



How Solar iBoost Works





How much you can save with solar iboost?

  • The average house with a 4kWp Solar PV system is estimated to produce 3600kWh of electricity a year and is deemed to export 50% of this annually.
  • The average hot water cylinder is 150 litres and the energy required to heat the water in it to 60 degrees C is approx 9kWh. If you pay 15p/kWhr for your electricity (inc standing charge & VAT), a tank of hot water would cost: 9kWh x 15 pence/ kWh = £1.35.
  • If you heat your hot water by electricity every day (at £1.35/day) this will cost £493/yr.
  • The Solar PV system is most productive during the April – Sept. It should provide enough surplus electricity for the smart switch to use to heat your hot water. So you will save ½ of £493, i.e. £246 a year. There will be surplus electricity which can be used by the smart switch Oct – Mar but possibly not enough to heat a whole tank.
  • Some days the tank will retain enough hot water to only need to be “topped-up” with Solar PV generated electricity.

An average cost to supply and fit a solar PV hot water switch with a Solar PV system is around £400. So in 2 years you will have recovered the cost of the unit and started to make significant savings on your hot water bills.