Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy stored in the light generated by the sun; we access this energy with solar panels which convert the light into electricity for everyday use.


How Solar Energy Works For Your Home

solar-your-homeWhen you first go to get solar energy for your home technicians will find optimal placing for solar panels on your property. An optimal place will be one that is not shaded by trees or structures during the day and that is angled to capture the largest amount of sunlight during the day.

This ensures that you capture the largest amount of solar energy possible so you get your money’s worth out of your solar panel system. Once the panels have been set up they can begin collecting direct current energy from the sunlight which is sent to the solar panel’s inverter. The inverter then converts the solar energy into AC power which is the electrical current used by everything in your home. Depending on the size of your solar power system you might reduce your power bill by 60%, eliminate it all together, or in some cases even be able to make money off the excess by selling it to your local power grid through feed-in tariffs.


Environmentally Friendly

One important piece of solar information is that unlike other sources of electricity solar panels do not have a carbon footprint or any other negative environmental effect. Instead solar panels take advantage of an already existing natural process in order to provide us with the electricity we need to operate or daily equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, hot water heaters and much more. Have a technician install a solar panel system today and you’ll start along the track to becoming an environmentally friendly household.

Solar panel systems operate completely silent. This means that switching to solar energy reduces noise pollution, which is just more reason solar energy works for you. Also unlike other sources of electricity, by switching to solar energy you are investing in a power source that is functionally infinite because it relies on the sun, which isn’t going away anytime soon.


Solar energy for your home