Solar PV

How Solar Power Works?

Cymru Solar understands there are a lot of questions around how a solar PV system works. Let’s start with the basics. Just how is the sun’s energy converted to the electricity used at your property?

It’s as simple as this…
When the sun is shining, the photo voltaic panels of a solar PV system capture sunlight and convert it into direct current electricity.
The Solar PV system, using an inverter, then converts this electricity into 240V alternating current electricity which you can use around your home.
Under a net feed-in system this electricity then gets distributed for use around your property, and any excess electricity is fed into the electricity grid through your electricity meter.
Under a gross feed-in system all of the electricity generated is fed into the electricity grid through your electricity meter.

You can see how solar PV Systems work below.



Complete Solar Energy Solutions

Cymru Solar offers home owners complete residential solar system solutions to meet their green energy needs.
Cymru Solar residential solar power systems are designed to meet different building applications in system sizes from 20W To 200 KW. Canadian Solar also provides customized solar system solutions for special solar energy requirements. Residential Solar Power System Reducing emissions for a greener tomorrow

Benefits of a Solar Power Systemsolar-panel-system

Solar power is an environmental friendly safe energy with abundant supply. Installing a residential solar
Power system is a good way to meet the rising renewable energy portfolio standards.
With various level of governments’ financial support for solar power system installation and feed-in-
Tariff for purchasing solar power fed into the grid, solar power system


Solar Power

Converting sunlight into solar electric power.
* This solar electricity can be used to run any electrical devices within a building.
* The sun shines everyday for free and solar power panels create zero CO2 emissions.

Solar PV Benefits

* Scalable – can be designed to be almost any size and to fit any budget
* Fit & forget – No moving parts and low maintenance
* Easy integration – The systems are easily integrated into existing buildings
* Financial returns – Make money through the feed-in tariffs
* Cut your carbon footprint

Benefits of Solar Power

* Fossil fuels create large amounts of CO2, and contribute to global warming.
* Solar power is a source of clean energy, giving ample reason for us to continue to explore solar energy as an alternative energy source.
* Solar PV enables you to produce energy for your home through increasingly easier and cheaper methods.

Why choose Solar Power

* Solar power is one of the most efficient ways to]power your home, the system works all year round and can reduce your bills. The use of Solar energy will also reduce your Carbon Footprint.

* Solar panels do not need direct sunlight in order to function properly and therefore can be a money saving option wherever you are based.


* Your home has the potential to generate a large proportion of the electricity you use every day. The majority of homes in the UK are suitable for solar power installation. Solar panels will be installed on the South facing roof of your home.
* Our highly trained staff are able to talk you through the process and help you to understand the long term benefits of the installation.
* We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about solar energy and how it could reduce your bills now and in the future.

Solar Pv Quote

We offer a Free no obligation survey and will explain to you the various options that are available to you, system size and  the Solar Pv systems that we supply and fit.

Cymru Solar will visit you to assess if your home or business is suitable  for Solar pv and answer any questions or queries that you may have. It usually takes about an hour and you’ll be reassured to know that there is never any pressure from our team to make a decision there and then, as we realise it’s a big decision to make. We just offer honest, impartial advice.

What does the FREE Survey involve?

• We will check your roof for suitability

• Carry out an electrical check on your existing electrics

• We will size you roof for an array

• Check the condition of your roof

• Discuss inverter positioning

• Answer any questions

• Recommend suitable panels and a suitable inverter for your particular needs